• Bolgers 6 x 50ml Water Based Wood Dye Colours - VOC Free Odourless Wood Stain

Bolgers 6 x 50ml Water Based Wood Stain 50ml of each of the following colours supplied - Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Orange & BlackEnvironmentally friendly dye with no lingering odour.Ideal for woodturning, modelmaking and sculpture.Suitable for tinting Bolgers Walnut Crystals in solution.These ready to use colours may be mixed together to create new colours and stained pieces may be finished with varnish, wax polish, oils, etc. Drying times when applied with a brush or foam applicator is approximately 2 hours @ 18C while a thin coat of colour applied with a cloth will dry more quickly. Excellent coverage - Approximately 8m² per 1litre (depending on method of application). These colours (along with a wide range of wood colours) are also available in 100ml and 500ml bottles from our shop. Our 50ml wood dyes are supplied in 100ml bottles, as shown in the image.Please note: Courier delivery is available to Mainland England & Wales only. We post to all UK locations with Royal Mail.Bolgers Water Based Wood Stains are environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odourless and VOC free. Available in a wide range of wood colours, and also primary and secondary colours, these ready to use stains can be mixed together to create new colours and also diluted with water to create a washed effect. Easy to apply with a brush, foam applicator or rag; they can also be spray applied. The slower drying nature of Bolgers Water Based Dyes means they are suitable for large areas like floors and panelling, where overlapping brush marks can be evened out before the stain dries. Once dry the colour can be dampened slightly and re-worked to eliminate any brush marks. NB: Areas of wood with knots and an open grain will take more colour and be darker than close grained timber - always test colour on the same species of timber. * Note on wood coloursThere is no British standard of wood colours, which is why different brands of wood dye are different colours. Bolgers Wood Stains are not designed to be copies of  other brands and the colour images are provided for reference only, and screen resolutions will alter the colour individual screens will display. It is important to colour test on a spare piece of wood of the same species, or on an inconspicuous area of furniture. All our water based colours can be mixed together. As Bolgers wood stains are not copies of other brands a perfect colour match will be almost impossible - it is also worth bearing in mind that colours may fade over a period of time and become more mellow. Sealing Water Based Wood StainsSpirit based varnishes, oils and wax polishes may all be applied over Bolgers water based wood stains. Water based wood finishes applied with a brush will wet the stain, allowing some colour to transfer into the first coat of finish.The following items are available from our shop Bolgers Water Based Wood Dye 500mlAvailable in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Black and a large selection of traditional wood colours. Traditional wood colours are also available to purchase in 100ml sample bottles.-------------------------------------------------------------Bolgers Light Fast Wood DyesVibrant, quick drying colours in Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange & Black and a large selection of traditional wood colours available in 500ml bottles. Primary & secondary colours are available to purchase as a set of 6 x 50ml bottles and traditional wood colours are also available to purchase in 50ml sample bottles.

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Bolgers 6 x 50ml Water Based Wood Dye Colours - VOC Free Odourless Wood Stain

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