• OPEN END ZIP 40 Colours 13 Sizes 10-34" (25-85cm) Coat Fleece Hoody Bag Jacket

Good quality open-end zips for dressmaking, crafts and home furnishings. These are open end zips (ie they separate into 2 pieces when unzipped) which are suitable for coats, jackets, hoodies, fleeces etc. They are No 5 weight (a bit thicker and more robust than standard dressmaking zips), making them suitable for heavier fabrics. The second photo shows one of these zips (cerise) together with a standard dressmaking zip (turquoise), so that you can compare them. The metric sizes are accurate and the approx size in inches is also stated.  It is also very easy to convert these into a closed end zip when you want a heavier zip e.g for a bag or notebook cover - simply buy a longer length than you need and then cut the bottom off with pinking shears once you've sewn it in place (remembering to do it up first so you don't cut the puller off!). BUY 2 GET 1 FREE. Add 3 to your basket and the cheapest is free. You MUST add all your items to the basket and pay together to get the deal. (If you are using an app you may need to scroll down to "add to basket"). The discounts only work on .co.uk but you can use your usual logon if you have registered on a different site.The deal applies to all of the single zips well sell, which includes standard closed end zips, heavy duty and open end zips. You can mix and match whichever ones you like. will automatically apply the discount when you pay.The price includes UK 2nd class postage or you can upgrade to 1st class for just 25p. 

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OPEN END ZIP 40 Colours 13 Sizes 10-34" (25-85cm) Coat Fleece Hoody Bag Jacket

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