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Gamer takes on the role of the gifted hacker, Aiden Pearce, as he uses his skills to manipulate an open-world version of Chicago in Watch Dogs. A giant network of computers known as the Central Operating System (CtOS) connects and monitors the entire city, from traffic lights and surveillance cameras, to the cell phones and personal computers of private citizens. As a younger man, Aiden's affiliation with the criminal underworld led to his niece's death, so when he learns his family may be in danger again, he uses his expertise to hack into CtOS and hand out vigilante justice. Watch Dogs lets players explore Chicago in a variety of ways, with Aiden walking the streets, entering buildings, using mass transit, and driving more than 65 different vehicles. While using stealth is one of Aiden's specialties, he is also quite adept with a baton, and gamer can wield more than 30 different firearms. The single-player campaign in Watch Dogs is structured in much the same way that Ubisoft's open-world franchises Assassin's Creed and Far Cry are, with player heading to a central location in each of the city's districts in order to unlock a variety of side missions, mini-games, and collectible items. The game also includes several multiplayer modes, including an eight-player free roam mode, car and boat races, and an asynchronous mode in which gamers attempt to hack one another without being detected.
Product Identifiers
Publisher Ubisoft
MPN 35804
EAN 3307215732816
Product ID (ePID) 165763797
Product Key Features
Release Year 2014
Platform Sony PlayStation 4
Sports Sub-Genre Not Applicable
Features Multiplayer
Additional Product Features
Online Yes
Genre Action & Adventure
Control Elements Joystick
Game Watch Dogs
Pegi Age Rating Age 18+
Rating 18+
Location UK

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Watch_Dogs (PS4) VideoGames Title: Watch_Dogs Format: PS4 / Blu-Ray No. of Players: 1-8 Publisher: Ubisoft UK Release Date: 27 May 2014 Camera: Third-person, over the shoulder Developer: Ubisoft Montreal View our feedbackmusicmagpieshop In Watch_Dogs, Ubisoft's open-world thriller that has been hyped to the moon and back, you play as Aiden Pierce, a hacker in Chicago on the hunt for his niece's killer. Yes, it's an open-world thriller. No, that doesn't mean that its defining feature will be driving over pedestrians as it has been in every Grand Theft Auto-alike since the dawn of... well, Grand Theft Auto. In Ubisoft's vision of Chicago, the much-vaunted 'Internet of Things' is already a reality. For those who don't spend their free time reading the tech blogs, that means that pretty much every machine that could have a microchip does have a microchip. All systems are run through a centralised operating system, CTOS, which provides city-wide wi-fi and keeps the traffic lights changing when they should, the trains running on time and... well, everything's automated, basically. The downside of this is the near-nonexistence of privacy as the all-seeing CTOS captures all your data and knows everything about you. It's all hackable, too, and as Aiden you'll make your way in the world by hacking all that personal data, not to mention all those lovely automated systems. When confronting an enemy, for example, you might use your smartphone to identify their location through a wall, hack a crane to drop a container on them or even send a fake text to distract them while you line them up in your crosshairs. It can all get a bit underhand if you want it to, and strategy is a definite must. The tables can be turned, however. If you play online, another player can slip into your game and hack your smartphone, then it becomes a race against time to identify who among the in-game characters is actually the interloper. Watch_Dogs is cyberpunk for the 21st century, and it may be your first taste of what's to come... musicMagpie Quality Guarantee! Don't want to miss out on all the latest news, competitions & offers? Sign up now
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Watch_Dogs (PS4) VideoGames

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